May 23rd 2010
I promised a an update a very long time ago.
Almost three years wow. Life and time has
gotten in the way but I finally took the
time to update this place with both a real
update and a new layout. I will be updating
very soon because I have new content that I
haven't linked to. Hope you all like the new
layout. I removed the shoutbox due to an issue
with it not working right with my layout.
If anyone has any ideas on a good shoutbox
or has a good script in mind please feel free
to contact me.

Sept 14th 2007
Wow Its hard to believe I haven't updated
in almost two years. Well I'm working on
a new layout and update on the content
I have on this site. It should be up in about
two weeks.

Oct. 25th 2005
Look New layout! I'm planning on adding
new content very soon some new fan art and
some new fan videos. The layouts link
doesn't work yet. Keep a look out!

June 30th 2005
I know I need to update more but at least
I'm here with some gifts. I have made three
new videos and a new wallpaper. I'm working
on a new website called The Fan Video.
This website is going to be a community
based site to help people who want to vid
and people who already vid alike