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Enterprise Videos

Title: Into the Darkness
Artist: Tool
Song: Sober
Pairs: Mirror: Archer/hoshi, Travis/hoshi,

Description: A look into the Mirror
Enterprise. The lies, deceit and power
struggles. What will they do to get what
they want.

Large: 19.6mb
Title: Uninvited
Artist: Alnis Morissette
Pairs: Trip/T'pol
Description: What will T'pol do when
confronted with Trip's feelings for her, and
her feelings for him.

Large: 18.8
Title: The Space Between
Artist: The Dave Matthews Band
T'pol is trying to distince
herself from trip because she can't
handle the feelings they have for each
other. Trip can't take it anymore and
leaves. Soon T'pol misses him to much
to to push him away anymore. Trip's POV.

Large:16 mb
Title: Enterprise deconstructed
Artist: Trans - Siberian
Orchastra & Metallica
Song: Carol of the Bells
Description: A mess of enterprise
clips fit together the best I could

Large: 12.9 mb
Title: She Will Be Loved
Artist: Maroon 5
Pairs: Trip/T'pol, T'pol/Koss and
a little bit of T'pol/Tolaris and T'pol/Archer

Description: Trip is in love with T'pol but she
always seems to have someone else in her life.
T'pol end up merrying someone she doesn't love
and both her and Trip are left feeling empty.

Large: 16.7 mb
Title: The Reason
Artist: Hoobastank
Description: The reason T'pol is changing.

Large: 14.3 mb
Title: Miss Independant
Artist: Kelly Clarckson
Pairs: Trip/T'pol
Description: T'pol has always been independent
but shes finding out that she wants more .

Large: 13.2 mb


Title: Hero Damned
A Perfect Circle
The Noose
Description: Will Constantine be able to defeat
his deamons before its too late

Large: 19.1mb
Title: I'll Wait
Artist: Cold play
Song: In My Place
Description: Buffy dreams about what Spike will do
to Change what he did.

OFFLINE Small: 2.7 mb
Title: Lets Work It Out
Artist: Boys II Men
Pairs: Buffy/Spike, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya
Description: Spike wants to fix things with Buffy
and uses whats going on in their friends life as refrence.

OFFLINE Small: 3.7 mb
Title: Two Wrongs
Artist: Wyclef
Pairs: Buffy/Spike
Description: Buffy fights with Spike so Spike fights back
But he realises thats only making things worse.

OFFLINE Small: 4.2 mb